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Your Social Media Platform: Use it for Leadership & Success...

Updated: Dec 31, 2017

With social media being the wave of the future and definitely the dominant conversation of the now, see if you possess the qualities to have a successful social media platform. It's a full-time job and not quite as easy as one would think.

1) Content is for specific audience & you're actually knowledgable in the subject area.

Whether it's sports, news, entertainment, beauty, education, politics etc. the people you follow provide you with some sort of entertainment & great insight about a given topic. This is because social media leaders stick to a topic they know and understand. They also feel extremely comfortable discussing, demonstrating, and providing examples if need be to get the point across. Social Media leadership actually requires strategy. While there are a select few who become popular sensations over night by going viral, those who take the time to grow their audience rely on their knowledge, personality, and overall "online presence" to obtain the following that they do.

2) The look is clean and precise.

Most of the social media leaders/influencers that you follow have crisp photos, videos, quotes and more. Their pages are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. From this perspective we can take on that of the Hospitality Industry "Perception is Reality". These leaders invest in their camera equipment, editing, and overall look appeal. It also says alot about the influencers work ethic. This means they work to put out great content and use their platform for not only reaching the masses, but inspiring them too.

3) Unapologetic about views & general perspective.

A social media leader also knows that there are certain subjects that must be addressed where there are intersections of their content. Issues of racism, colorism, injustices, and general topics that can't be ignored definitely become addressed by your beloved social media leaders. Why? Because authenticity is extremely important. The content strategies are also very true to a portion of who they are as people. So being a social media leader definitely comes with know what to do with the platform you have achieved.

4. Thick Skin

Of course we all know that social media is place where Trolls troll... and haters hate. Social Media Leaders don't allow the negative comments to outweigh the good comments and positivity received from others. Because the internet can be used for good and evil its important to know that some of the people on social media with big platforms really take a beating quite often. You must be aware of who you are when your social media is down, meaning in "real life". You must know your worth inside and out. Being easily disrupted by a social media comment means this arena is not for you.

5) Consistency is Key

Think of the people you follow that have grown a large following... These people always seem to be online right? Or accessible in some way, shape, or form. This level of consistency means that they have to find time to unplug or disconnect from the internet. A social media leader/influencer learns to find the balance because after all this level of status can become tiresome and a bit overwhelming. While the internet makes it possible for anyone to become famous, real social media leaders use their platforms to inspire, uplift, and bring different communities together.

Who are your favorite people to follow on social media? Do you aspire to be a leader in the Social Media realm? Let us know in the comment section below!



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