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Your good work will speak for itself.

Your good work will speak for itself. ( Yes, I repeated it because I meant it ). You never have to defend it, brag about it, remind people of it, or even go as far as to continuously remind people of it. When your work and work ethic is untouchable, trust me, people recognize it. Now recognizing it and acknowledging it is two different things. Allow me to elaborate...

Your work may cause others to feel intimidated or a bit insecure.

When you are an employee that pays attention to detail, always deliver in a timely fashion, and are most likely to ensure the job gets done, that may cause other co-workers to internally evaluate themselves. This evaluation could be "Am I doing a good job as well?" "Why is she working so hard?" "Do I not take my job serious enough?" . These kinds of questions are in the mind of an employee that sees your work and wonders if they are close to what you've achieved. You could be great because your a new hire or great because you have years of experience under your belt. In any case, your good work will always show up even when people can't acknowledge it for themselves due to whatever internal battle their fighting. Keep working.

What are you in it for?

It is important to remember that you don't do your job primarily to receive praise from others (hopefully) you do your job because it's what you enjoy. If the job you do isn't what you enjoy, then it may be time to think of other options. At any rate, you should be in your job because of what it does for your life, well-being, and overall consciousness. Yes, occasionally being acknowledge is great but are you happy with your work ethic even when it goes unnoticed?

Don't Worry About the Credit.

I really draw a fine line with people taking credit for my work and the intense need to speak up for myself. Part of me feels as though it's completely unethical for someone to do that, and the other part of me thinks that a team effort should really be about the "team". There is a Japanese tradition that sites giving credit to one individual person is an insult! If you want to acknowledge what one person has done, give credit to their entire team. I know you may be thinking "Well then how will people know that I'm a great contributor? Great team member? that I'm smart and can do this job? " Simple... Your work will speak for itself.

People are talking about you right now whether you know it or not. Their discussion is about that recent project, event, or analysis you did. They give you kudos by calling for your advice, adding you to additional teams, and name dropping you to other colleagues. This is what renders the "Oh I've heard about you! It's nice to meet you"

So trust me when I say, keep up the good work! It is definitely showing up and speaking up on your behalf.

Can you relate? Let us know in the comments below.



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