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Your Career vs Your Calling

When we begin to think about our current positions where we earn a paycheck, the question and continual pursuit of change is always tied to a need to be satisfied. Satisfaction comes from doing something that fills you up and you don't even have to receive a paycheck to do so. That innate feeling is your calling. The reason you were placed on this earth. The reason you have talents and gifts down on the inside you. The reason you naturally do somethings better than others. I believe a career is here to sustain you until you have tapped into your purpose. Allow me to elaborate.

Career is skill driven.

Your career is based upon a skill set that you have acquired over time. Whether that be through schooling, learning a family trade, running a business, or learned by experience. Skills are a characteristic that anyone who attends the classes and gets the same knowledge will be able to execute just as well as you. So when we think about career we often times see ourselves as irreplaceable in the company. "If I leave I don't know what the company will do" The answer is simple... replace you. It's a tough reality to come to terms with however, it is extremely true. The reason being is a job is something that can be done by anyone not just you. There are tons of students in college right now ready and willing to replace you. There are tons of people hungrier for the job than you. So it's a constant cycle of making lateral and vertical moves until we reach some form of insatiable satisfaction. Why? Because there is a difference between a career and your calling.

Answering the call.

Whether you believe in God or not, the human race has a call on each of our lives that God is responsible for placing within us. Just because you may not believe in him, doesn't mean he does not exist. Every person in this world has a gift that is used to make this world a better place. If you are christian then you know your gifts should be used to make the world a better place and sew into God's upside-down kingdom.

At any rate, every single person has innate gifts. Every person has characteristics about themselves that just seem easy to do and understand.

For example, we all know someone who has great writing or speaking abilities. We all know someone who's really good with numbers and we'd trust them with our accounts. We also know someone who is really good at spotting the flaws and has a meticulous eye for detail, which we call those folks perfectionist. We all have that person in our lives who is extremely creative and artsy. Everyone knows that person who sings really well or plays an instrument really well and I bet you thought of them immediately while reading this. The bottom line is there is a reason people have gifts, which are attached to the calling on our lives to make this world a better place. Now whether you answer the call is a different statement. Whether you want to be fulfilled or chase after meaningless goals is a question only you can answer. The difference is the people who discover their calling and tap into it usually live a very satisfying life.

What are you apart of thats bigger than you?

I know if you're like me it took a while for me to understand where my gifts were and also tap into what my talents are. By exploring and taking on different challenges I came to realize where I actually have a natural gift to speak, write, and encourage people in their lives. I have a gift of being very in touch with emotion and intuition. Now this is not something that I just woke up one Tuesday morning and discovered. It was done by me experiencing life. So I pose this question to you. What are you currently doing or are a part of thats bigger than you? "Bigger than you" meaning the results don't directly impact you, they are for someone else or a sub-population that you feed your knowledge to as a resource. "Bigger than you" also means what are you giving your time to? The most important thing we have in this life is time. I often think about the movie with Justin Timberlake called "In Time" where the time clock located inside of their wrist is their currency. When that time runs out, they die. So what are you spending your time on? How are you leaving your legacy behind? What will people know about you 100 years from today? Answering these questions will begin to help you tap into your calling.

It's a Journey you grow to love.

Figuring out what you do best is going to take some time if you aren't one of the fortunate Mozart prototypes that discovers your gift at an extremely early age. There is a lot of trial and error involved but thats the beauty of it. Hopefully the current jobs and careers you experience give you some leeway to dabble in things and take chances on projects. Then and only then will you begin to discover what you do right, easily, and what makes you feel good at the end of the day. What makes your heart soar. The journey is yours and hopefully when you do discover your calling, you answer it to better the human race.



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