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Year 4, The Year of Creation for Felder Official Books!

It's February 1st, the real first day of the new year over at Felder Official. February is an exceptional month as our 4th anniversary, February 12th is just around the corner! Of course, I wanted to look at what the number 4 means biblically for us. What can we expect the year ahead to look like, and what symbolic/positive affirmations can we speak into existence as God continues to have his way. One word: Creation.

Year 4 of Felder Official!

As we look at the number four from the biblical perspective, it references the world's creation in the book of Genesis. Through Genesis 1:1-4, the world's creation is being formed, and God saw that it was good. The greater significance in this is that God noted the separation of day and night on day four, marking the days and years in time. This is important because we received time and four seasons to live within. We also know that Moses's 4th commandment was to keep the Sabbath Holy, which was referencing the week of creation. So when we think of the foundation God put into motion within those 4 days, we know that creation is a terminology we should embrace this year. The creation of what exactly? All things. Including new content, new best practices, a new commitment, new confidence, and renewed faith. I want to challenge myself to step outside of the comfort zone and into a new world of creativity.

What are you looking forward to accomplishing this year? What are some of the things you're thinking of leaning into to improve life and relationship with God above all? As we start this year, I want to pray for all of our weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and insecurities that would try to hold us back from God's best. I am learning that aging is definitive, but growth is optional. So we have to consider the value of growth, in that we choose to be better than we were yesterday. It's never too late to be better at doing life. I'm hoping you unlock all of the creative juices that are in store this year. As so many of us work within the confines of a pandemic, new presidency, continued worldly concerns, etc... we have to remember to remain centered and know where our help truly comes from.

I'll see you on February 12th for our 4th Felder Official Anniversary!




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