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What is your definition of Success?

Comparing your life to others could cause you to diminish the things you once viewed as "being successful". Its time to define success for ourselves and live up to our own standards. Then and only then will we have the courage to see our dreams realized.

Look deeper, look within.

When you hear the word success, often times it is associated with status such as finances or some level of fame. In this day and age the way the general public defines success is very materialistic to say the least. As long as your success is tied to money, fame, and followers you'll never truly be satisfied. You'll live an insatiable life. The goal is not to define success the way society does. The goal is to establish your own terms of what success is. Celebrate the milestones that are important to you. Success is not some place of "arrival" like arriving to Montego Bay, Jamaica. It's a steady progression of learning, application, and giving back.

As long as your success is tied to money, fame, and followers you'll never truly be satisfied. You'll live an insatiable life.

Sometimes people think that success is only given to those who "deserve it" or seem to work hard for it. To this point, you would be absolutely correct. If you work hard you actually do deserve all that you will receive. The message here is to put forth your effort and believe in yourself. We know that we all are our own worst critic. The way you think of yourself will manifest in the things you do and the limitations you put on your life.

The other component to defining success for yourself is putting your life in a position to receive what could possibly come to you. This means you should always be prepared for what may come your way. You prepare by studying your craft, getting stronger, collecting more knowledge, and spending time with those who have a similar passion to yours and a lot of years under their belt. If success is defined by materialism, it will be a temporary success because nothing last forever. I completely understand the opposition to this statement in that some may feel there is success in what you can tangibly establish. However, I would require you to go deeper. Let those tangible possessions serve as the platform for reaching actual beings. Souls. People. When you can change another's life, give to someone who can't repay you, or devote your time to what you could never get back... Then you truly become successful. By all means, design and determine how you want to be successful, but understand that if lives are not touched and our world doesn't benefit, you've done yourself and yourself only a favor.



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