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We are now living in the "Era of the Black Woman" and we all saw it coming.

Mark my words... with all the #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackExcellence happening, the Black Woman Era is here. Is it just me or has everyone else begun to experience that Black Women are becoming the cornerstone of everything! Literally and figuratively speaking a black woman is the embodiment of what this world would ever hope to be. I mean let's think about it for a second... every where you turn today in news, media, and other outlets has been geared to the powerful moves black women are making and how we are impacting this world around us.

When did this new Era of the Black Woman start?

First it was #MichelleObama becoming the First African America woman to serve as First Lady of the United States in 2009... I think that's when a shift slowly began to happen for me personally to where I began seeing a black woman on top literally and completely adamant about celebrating other black women on personal levels. That's when I started hearing more about black woman working together and empowering one another instead of bringing each other down. Now by all means, I am certainly not discrediting all of the powerful black women, our history, and our legacy that came before Michelle. We will forever pay homage to those black women who came before us and paved the way for our greatness. I think for me personally, seeing this Black woman in this position was a game changer for my soul. I often recite to myself "If Michelle can do it, so can I!". So you see, Michelle was the beginning of a new aged Black Woman era where we not only began seeing thousands of movements of supporting each other, but this was the beginning of the #blackwomanuprising.

We began embracing our power.

One of the primary things we have begun to see over and over again is the celebration of black women in every role possible, most notably, the 11th annual awards show #Blackwomeninhollywood by #EssenceMagazine. We started to take those narratives that used to separate us and began embracing them as the cornerstone of our power. Colorism used to be a huge separation among the black community, to some extent it still is, but we definitely have made strides and progress toward owning all of our blackness in every shade of melanin. We also our seeing black woman figures get the recognition that has always been due unto them. As I think about the women that come to mind who have been impactful thus far I think of #LupitaNyongo , #ViolaDavis , and #TarajiPHenson who have just shown up and shown out in every role they're in! I think of #MaxineWaters who is that bold congresswoman to "call a spade a spade" on any day of the week! Let's not act like we all have not gained an auntie at this point. We love her famous quote:

"I am a strong black woman and I cannot be intimidated"

And lets not forget the ever so popular hashtag #reclaimingmytime , which derived from a heated political discussion with her white, male counterpart. To see her go toe to toe with what we all deal with on a daily basis was not only empowering but a game changer for every black woman in America. When I think of what we are embracing I think of every black woman in Alabama who literally changed the trajectory of the vote to allow Doug Jones to win the election that so many white voters were determined to see the republican party demolish. Then for the state of Georgia to go on and elect #KeishaLanceBottoms to become the mayor of Atlanta... I literally thought, "Black woman are about to shake up the world". I also thought of the bible verse Galatians 6:9

"Do not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up"

When you feel like you've been over looked and treated as the underdog for so long... you can understand why this movement of empowerment is so important to us. Media began to view the black woman as POWERFUL, a NECESSITY, and a FORCE to be reckoned with. To hear such positive terms be associated with us is the complete opposite of what our ancestors endured like ridicule and mockery for our bodies, culture, hair, and souls. This era of the black woman that is on the horizon is the perfect time to be a black woman and alive.

Young Black Women are taking their place in the sun.

Can we just talk about the young black woman that are carrying their torches with pride and changing the media and entertainment game?! I think we have to take it back to when everyone was introduced to #OrangeIstheNewBlack and we completely fell in love with all the black woman characters in the Netflix series. We became obsessed with Awkward Black Girl's #IssaRae and her famous tagline "Im rooting for everybody black" because that simple quote was the truest of truths! We saw all of our young selves in the role of #YaraShahidi in Black-ish and her spin-off show Grown-ish. We also can't forget about the black woman comedian #TiffanyHaddish that is literally killing the game in all that she does! I would be remiss if I neglected to highlight the ENTIRE #BlackPanther cast and of course we know the women slaughtered their roles. In this time and era if you are a black woman, you are PROUD. If you are a black woman you are UNSTOPPABLE. Let's also acknowledge the way our Black Woman leaders are giving us hope for tomorrow.

Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay make it clear, we aren't going anywhere so get used to us.

Of course #OprahWinfrey 's acceptance speech for the Cecil B. Demille award was heard around the world... that's a given. Do you know what that speech did for BLACK WOMEN? It let us know that our time has just begun. Our season of sewing seeds is about to harvest. Our hard work is not in vain. We are taking over! I can't tell you the sense of empowerment that speech made me feel. I could fly after that speech quite frankly, and I'm sure black woman around the world could too. When I think about Ava DuVernay and her intentional efforts to produce, cast, and direct for black people it let's me know we have people in high places beginning to reach back and help which is so terribly important. Gone are the days where you literally get no help in becoming successful, gone are the days when people are scared of sharing their best kept secrets to achievement, we now have black women moguls ready and willing to teach us on behalf of black women's legacy. How thankful are we for #ShondaRhimes and her Master Class efforts to teach other people how to manifest the exact same things that she's done with "Shonda Land". How powerful is it that everywhere you turn there are power brunches, workshops, events, parties, etc celebrating all that's happening in the years of the black woman today.

Get in Formation Black Women

As #Beyonce tells us "Ok ladies now let's get in formation" . That business that you've always wanted to start, start it. That concept that you've always wanted to teach, teach it. That play that you always wanted to direct, direct it. It is the season of harvest for black women and you do not want to be left behind. Everything that we are doing is only making us stronger and pushing us toward everything that was supposed to be ours anyway. Every opportunity in front of you that alines with your purpose, go for it. As we begin moving into our future get ready to read #BecomingMichelleObama and other books that are going to be #soulfood for your black woman soul. Get ready to experience all the world has to offer you. Gone are the days where we are asking for anything. We are getting our #seatatthetable and we aren't taking no for an answer. As we look ahead at what's to come we thank all those who came before us and we do this with pride. We know we are carrying everything we've been taught into the future that we will be the rulers of. The future is black female and we all see it coming. Here's to the dawn of a new day! #Cheers

When did the Era of Black Women start for you? Sound of in the comments below.



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