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Unwritten Rules of Earning Respect from Professional Peers.

Updated: Dec 31, 2017

No matter your career, trade, profession, or line of work... We all want to be respected in the work place. As women we know that it's twice as hard. For us black women, it's three times as hard. Here are a few things to ensure you are earning the respect you deserve in the work place.

Get to work on time.

This is a simple concept, yet very difficult for some to achieve. Being on time speaks volumes symbolically and will ultimately be one of the first things your colleagues may notice about you. Although people aren't physically checking the time, they are taking note. You may hear this kind of chatter during informal conversations before meetings begin, awkward work jokes about who's reliable or not for impromptu morning concerns, or even when people notice who's leaving the office early. You should be on time to work every day because it shows you know how to manage your time wisely and are extremely disciplined. Let's face it, no one likes to wake up extremely early. However, there are those who do not let this notion stop them from getting to their daily commitments. If you haven't gotten that recognition, promotion, or accolade you deserve, it's probably due to the simple fact that you're not on time and people don't take you seriously.

Learn to Communicate directly. Say "Yes" or "No"

If you are the "Yes" person of the office, most times that will get you a pat on the back and nothing further. Your colleagues in the work place respect people much more when they can verbalize their thoughts concisely and move forward with the decisions made. If you can do it, say yes. If you can't do it, say no. People who are able to verbalize boundaries, understand their own personal strengths and know where they contribute best do earn the respect of their peers. By all means be a team player even if your view point is the latter of the group. It's definitely noble to voice your difference of opinion. If it isn't a compromise of who you are and your values you can agree to disagree and move forward together.

Deliver with an extra side of Fabulosity.

As we know it's difficult to be a woman in the work place, we always have to remember that we too belong at the table. Sometimes this requires taking on tasks and delivering effectively. Then the extra side of fabulosity is putting your own unique spin on how the product, presentation, and/or event comes together. Yes, follow the protocol of office expectation. However, don't forget to add your professional flare and creativity. Colleagues enjoy working with someone who is unafraid to take chances and show creativity in a given area. Use the skills you've acquired and make the tasks come to life in a way that no one else could. You will most definitely earn the respect of your peers and then some!

How do you demand respect from your peers in the work place? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!


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