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Times Up! #Whywewearblack

Updated: Jan 10, 2018

Sexual Assault has gotten a lot of attention and scrutiny since the beginning of Donald Trump's presidency. Doesn't this speak volumes about what kind of culture and environment our president creates? Now I know everyone is basically anti-trump these days, including the people who actually voted for him. However, his lack of poise, knowledge, efficiency, and presidential ability really has shined a light on a lot of America's deep rooted issues... so should we be indirectly Thanking Donald Trump?

Everything and Everyone is Exposed

Donald's presidency has been the most flamboyant presidency in American History. Because of the president's uncouth way of handling day to day issues like tweeting, dubbing news outlets "fake news", and choosing what he will and will not respond to all relates to one common denominator here and that is instability. America is in a new era of instability, and when people don't feel safe, protected, and in good hands the lashing out begins to happen.

Sexual misconduct has been happening since America's inception, when they took this land from its original citizens. So why now? Why now do we have the courage to speak out? It's because we live in an era where our very president is the suspect, perpetrator, and among the guilty of things like sexual misconduct. He is known for his divisive statements and this is America's way of letting him and his supporters know, we won't stand for this any longer. Woman and men alike have come forward with their stories of sexual misconduct which shines a light on the "good ole boy" culture that exist in America.

The good ole boy system is white mens way of keeping themselves at the top, front, and center so people are kept out of positions of power that don't look like them. Yes, members of the good ole boy system are extremely insecure and could not last one day if they didn't hold such "power"

So yes, #whywewearblack is valid. #Metoo is valid. #BlackLivesMatter is valid. #thewomensmarch is valid. Any hashtag, movement, or rallying that happens in America is in opposition to the way this country is being ran by Donald Trump. So what else has his presidency done and why the heck are we thanking him?

Unity among diversity is getting stronger.

It may not seem in your individual life that our country has made progress but in actuality we have. Because of everyone's disdain for Donald Trump we have been brought together in opposition to him. People come to terms with the fact that white people aren't separate from blacks, muslims, asians, and any other race when it comes to income, sexual identity, and overall classism. People now see that we aren't so different after all. White supremacist are lashing out because they are deeply afraid that they are becoming the minority, which statistically is going to happen whether they are prepared or not. Why not just embrace diversity? Why not just let it be? Why not just respect a person's space? Why not uderstand that No means No? These are all ways in which people want to do things to be superior over another. At the end of the day, we are all a part of the human race. If it wasn't for Donald's inadequacy, half of us wouldn't have the courage to speak out in our lives as we boldly do today.

Do you think Donal Trump is indirectly responsible for America's new voice and outcry? Comment down below!



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