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Quotes by Women in Media that make you want to #LevelUp and go for your goals! #Inspiration

Updated: Feb 9, 2018

Everyone knows that the people you follow on social media are either pouring positivity into you or creating a toxic mindset for you. Everyone has those inspirational accounts that keep them motivated and pushing toward their goals every single day. Here are a few of the amazing black women Felder Official follows on instagram for constant uplifting content, daily positive affirmations, and all around professional #BossWoman making moves in media!

1. "Anything that comes your way... You're ready for it" - LaShell Wooten

La Shell is a vibrant on-camera personality, personal development specialist, inspiring speaker and writer with an accomplished career in mental health therapy and life coaching that have proven to be impactful and effective.

For twenty years, La Shell has used counseling, coaching and the tools of feng shui to effectively guided clients through letting go of useless habits in order to help them repair their spirit, homes, emotions and dysfunctional relationships.  Her rapidly growing fans describe her as an emotional fitness trainer and motivator. In-person, in print or on-camera, her personality is big and infectious. Her skills are vast and her instincts about what is truly challenging her clients are joyfully appreciated by those lucky enough to share their story with her.


2. "You should never enter into a relationship with someone you do not want to become." - Sarah Jakes Roberts

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a take-charge business-woman, writer and media personality who expertly balances career, ministry and family. In April 2014, Sarah released  a memoir titled, “Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life.” In “Lost and Found,” Sarah shares her story with a rarely seen transparency and because of that, people gravitate to her..

Sarah is an astute business woman and has been integral in the success of many major initiatives at TDJ Enterprises. She currently serves as the senior editor of eMotions, an online inspirational magazine designed to embrace, educate and empower women.  She is also the project manager for the Rx Connection Card and she was responsible for grassroots marketing efforts for the feature film, “Not Easily Broken.” Prior to joining the staff at The Potter’s House/TDJ Enterprises, Sarah served as an office liaison for The Air Force.


3. "Aim to be significant... Not Famous." - Jamila Mustafa

Jamila Mustafa has served as a content creator and host for various platforms. Jamila has sat down with some of Hollywood’s biggest influencers such as Cicely Tyson, Mark Wahlberg, Farrakhan, Zach Galifianakis, Paul Mooney, Taraji P. Henson, Nas, Dave Chappelle, DJ Khaled, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jimmy Iovine, and the list goes on. The Delaware native was recognized as the top 40 under 40 women in media; BET’s 30 Under 30 Young, Black and Lit list, HBCU Buzz’s 30 Under 30 College Graduates, and Forbes 30 under 30 nominee and summit attendee.


4. "Its time to not just stay woke, but to work woke." - Angela Rye

Angela Rye is Principal and CEO of IMPACT Strategies, a political advocacy firm in the nation’s capital. She is a CNN Political Commentator and NPR Political Analyst. She has been featured as an influential politico, lawyer, and advocate by several publications and outlets from Marie Claire to Ebony and the Washington Post, Rye has an unwavering commitment to ensuring positive change in the political process.  Rye is a prominent strategist who has offered on-air commentary for several media outlets including BET, CNN, NBC, HBO, ABC, MSNBC and TV One. The depth of her dialogue ranges from political campaigns to more complex legislation and administration policies that have long-term implications nationally and internationally.  


5. "What do I want to do verses what others expect me to do?" - Necole Kane

In September 2015, Necole launched #xoNecole, a women lifestyle platform which encouraged and empowered young women to share their stories.  Evolving from celebrity and entertainment news, the site’s mission is to promote positive images of woman of color, as well as empower, educate, and inspire millennials through beauty, fashion, lifestyle, career and travel features. Necole is also a transitional coach, dedicated to helping women and entrepreneurs who feel stuck, press the reset button and live the life of their dreams.




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