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"Peace is the New Black"

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

If you haven't gotten the memo by now, you most certainly are late to the party. Since 2018 has begun there has been so much radiance surrounding women and the strides we are making in this place called America. Individually, it seems that we are all beginning to catch on to the notion that we want to live our best lives, and a part of living your best life includes a large amount of peace. Allow me to elaborate...


One thing about us women is we seem to tolerate a lot. This large amount of tolerance includes physical: Working out, bringing babies into the world, lifting heavy objects, building beautiful decor, cooking, cleaning, etc. Mental: Dealing with microaggressions in the workplace, being a minority, fat shaming, slut shaming, and all means of name calling, depression, anxiety, etc. Emotional: Losing our identity, being defined by society, not being in charge of our own uterus, not feeling worthy, and so on and so forth. We tolerate A LOT. With that being said, understand something about the women that are evolving today. We are #reclaimingourtime in the most bold way possible. We are not settling for less, we not being defined by society, and more importantly we are changing the rules of the game. #TIMESUP


Because we hit new lows for tolerating crap, we have increased our need for peace in our individual lives. We want everything and everyone around us to contribute to the positive vibrations, the soulful energies, and the productivity found in our beings when we feel confident in who we are. We want our lives to mean greatness and inner peace is the main part of that. So here are a few tips to achieve elevated levels of peace in your life ladies.

1.Pay attention to your emotions

Get in touch with what pisses you off, makes you sad, or uncomfortable... explore those areas and find some remedies to the situations. Achieving high levels of peace means cutting out the cancer and getting rid of anything toxic that threatens your zen.

2. Feed your spirit.

Understand that as long as you see toxic and listen to toxic you will speak toxic and believe toxic. You need to follow things that pour into your spirit. Find your me-time and stick to it. Create a regime of self-care and build on it. Through your meditation, spirituality, and/or religion find your means of reaching inner peace through your spirit.

3. Create your personal safe space.

Where do you retreat to that just belongs to you? Not you and the kids, or the roommates, or the cousins... What spot is yours and yours alone? Creating a safe space to just be is extremely important because after you take your super woman cape off after a long day, you need to be able to release all that's within. If your space isn't in your home, find one outdoors at a near by park, beach, etc. You'd be surprised what 15 minutes alone could do for you.

4. Who's in your Tribe?

Who are the people that support your journey to self wholeness, happiness, and peace? Who isn't competing with you? Who is actually praying for you? Who is genuinely proud of you? Those are the people who become a part of your peace tribe. Learn to discern the intentions of those around you and take the necessary actions that include bringing them closer, keeping them at bay, or cutting off the relationship completely.

5. Become Peace

You will not attract anything remotely close to peace if you are the pink elephant in the room. If everyone is removing themselves from your company slowly but surely, you could be the one to blame. Search within and ask your self... Do I make things harder than they need to be? Do I express myself dramatically and sugar coat my feelings? These are all things of the woman that's immature. The woman that has not found her inner peace. Understand that achieving Peace takes time, effort, and commitment. However, those who pursue peace eventually become Peace.



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