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"Peace Belongs to Me" Book Release! Happy 3rd Year Anniversary Felder Official Blog!

Today marks 3 years ago that I posted my first blog post to my site I have so much newfound respect for authors, and the effort it takes to produce a body of work. Thinking of all the ways in which God continues to move me forward through this life, I literally just cry tears of gratitude. The great thing about a journey, is that it is uniquely yours. You are literally the tongue that speaks life or death into your future. I believe this wholeheartedly.

My journey to establishing and maintaining inner peace in my life, has been one of the most brutal but necessary lessons to date. For every friendship dissolved, promotion gained, failed relationship, successful venture, confusion turned certainty, it all has led me to this season of clarity and maturity.

I chose “Peace Belongs to Me” as the title because it is my self-proclaimed affirmation. I realized that we don’t often recite positive affirmations or even feel we own them as our possession. To say you have peace is one thing, but to truly believe it and affirm it every day, is a completely different experience. For anyone who can relate to a glimpse of my journey, I invite you to grab this quick read. Thank you to my forever supporters, of course you know this is just the beginning! Peace Belongs to Me is now Available on Amazon! #selfdevelopment #selflove #maturity #grace #covering #resilience #PBTM #FelderOfficial #DigitalLibrary



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