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Our Robbed Humanity - Rest In Power George Floyd.

I could delve into the historical factors that have led up to this very moment surrounding the death of #GeorgeFloyd. I could also choose to speak on the countless peaceful attempts, to mitigate over 300 years of enslavement & segregation in this country. I could also discuss the privilege that is alive and well, disguised behind the liberal radicalism and the conservatism that serves to re-live the past. These are all factors that we are completely aware of.

However, I choose to acknowledge every black life, today and every day. “Normality” is such a difficult state of being to achieve in a black body. We have no stability or protection in this country, regarding our life. I choose not to go back and forth with white counterparts about the validity of our “why”. That is an insatiable and counterproductive conversation that will never be fully understood by those who have never experienced oppression.

I envision 300 years from now, where racism no longer exists, because of the decisions that are made in this day and age. This is a historical time in this country. This is what will be in the history books moving forward. These are the additions made, because we decided to lift the voices of our ancestors who were dragged here, raped, enslaved, beaten, and killed.

You are sadly mistaken if you believe for one second, that we don’t see the subtle condescending attitudes, the chosen silences, the dismissive demeanors, and the obvious distancing that “friends” quietly demonstrate at this time. I could say I’m hurt and/or disappointed. However, that has no value to white counterparts who never believed I existed as a human with human emotion in the first place.

To conclude, I am not here to pacify someone’s privilege and lack of understanding about what’s going on. I am here to stand in solidarity for the robbed humanity of every black life today, tomorrow, and forever. My prayers go out to every casualty caught in the crossfires of injustice meeting the wrath of internally bleeding souls. Our living and our dying will never be in vain. We’re making decisions today, that will impact the black children of tomorrow for the better as our ancestors have done for us.


A Black Woman.



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