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Oprah's speech gave you the feels because deep down, your soul needed it.

You didn't know it until it happened... But, your soul needed it. You knew she was the first African-American woman recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award. You knew she would have a speech for her award that evening. You knew she was capable of making an excellent speech, because after all... she is Oprah. However, what you didn't expect is to be moved in such a way that brought you to tears.

Oprah's speech was the manifestation of all the pain, confusion, excitement, empowerment, and embarrassment, this country has endured.

It resonated with every fiber of your being and you couldn't peel your eyes away from her because what she said was more than just our truth. In that moment Oprah became our future. You actually watched a historical moment right before your very eyes, and it is a moment in American history you'll never forget.

Oprah validated our cry.

When was the last time you felt society actually heard what you were saying? Or that your march in the freezing cold or the sweltering heat was not in vain? When was the last time you felt acknowledged by our American leadership? It is this lack of response and horrible communication that has created a void within our ability to connect to American leadership. President Obama spoiled us, by always reassuring us, hearing and addressing America's biggest concerns, and always motivating us to continue to change our narrative because "Yes We Can". We didn't know we needed him until he was gone (well I knew we did, but that's neither here nor there). Somewhere along the lines of a transition in presidential leadership and Oprah's speech, a volcano began to boil and hot lava was brewing. All the sexual misconduct cases, out right hatred, bigotry, division, and ignorance was adding a deep wound to our fragile spirits. We needed release, we needed resolve, that volcano was about to explode in corruption because our souls have been crying out for unity, for someone to finally "get it", and some much needed reassurance. That is what Oprah's speech provided... healing. She was a vessel that night & she poured directly into our souls. She heard America's cry.

Oprah 2020? She's above that.

It pains me to announce this, but the presidency is no longer associated with prestige. While I do admire and respect all presidents that came before. We took an interesting turn this time around & the position has become "cheapened" for lack of a better term. I sincerely believe Oprah is above any presidential candidacy. She is regal and a Goddess in her own right. Why? Because she knows herself, and that is her power. People are drawn to Oprah like a moth to a flame because we desire that oneness with ourselves and God. We want to be like Oprah. Not in a "fangirl" kind of way (well some of us maybe), but in a "to thine own-self be true" kind of way. So it doesn't surprise me that she doesn't want to be President. She has accomplished so many groundbreaking accomplishments in her lifetime that she will be remembered for. A presidency doesn't necessarily need to be one of them.

I can take on the world, honestly.

After that speech, you can defy gravity. There's nothing you can't do or accomplish after that speech. You're invincible after that speech. You could honestly take on ten ninjas at once after that speech. Oprah put a fire down in our belly and it is forever going to burn. I encourage you all to replay that speech every moment you doubt yourself, don't know if you should speak up, or speak your truth. Replay that speech and then go tell them "No". Replay that speech, then go ask for that raise. Replay that speech and then go pack your bags and leave. Do what ever you need to do after you replay that speech. We have a permanent motivational tool to be utilized at our disposal. As we know, our authentic selves is what defines us in the moments that matter. Cheers to the dawn on the horizon. Now go become what you believe.

Which part of Oprah's speech moved you the most and why? Comment down below!



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