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Note to Self: Perfection is impossible. Progress in inevitable.

As I am diving into my newest read "Designing Your Life" by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, something that seems to replay over and over again in my mind... "Prototypes over Perfection" The book has this notion that designing your life is about starting where you are and building upon that. This is the opposite of how we think in this day and age. People tend to think that if it's not perfect then don't launch it, don't show it, don't tell anyone about it. Prototypes are about a growth process and a better version is achieved over time.

Evolution over Instant Gratification

Think about the iPhone. I think you know exactly where I'm headed with this analogy. The iPhone wasn't always the iPhone X of what it is today. It started out as a square bulky phone that introduced us to the concept of apps. The first iPhone was apple's first prototype. With time, resources, economy, and market value the iPhone began to change and more importantly improve. So see yourself, your product, or your journey as a prototype always growing and changing. Start now with what you have and begin to design your first prototype. As you grow, move on to Prototype 2.0 which is a better version of the original and so forth. One key element that leaders must be aware of is being able to take action. Pull the trigger. Jump! As the leader of a company, brand, organization or anything of the sort you must be willing to make a decision, stick to it, and ride the wave. Ride the wave until you reach the next prototype. I love this notion because it gets us away from thinking of failure, and has us flirting with the idea of progressively improving more and more every single day. It's not about instant gratification here ladies, its baby steps, progressiveness, and milestones.

Your Ego is your Problem.

Humble yourself. We as educated woman think highly of our selves, as we should. However, this notion can cripple us as well. There are things we aren't willing to do, positions we wont settle for, and attitudes we won't take. Why? Because it seems to be beneath us. This unfortunate egotistical view is blocking you from real progress and achievement. You're so afraid to fail, or what that would mean that you are unwilling to take the first step and try. Rejection is not a good feeling at all, but sometimes we need to experience it to remind ourselves we are human too. You know us educated woman wear a cape at all times! The simple message is this... Don't allow your ego to block the humility to try.

Be humble enough to fall and scrape your knees. Be humble enough to ask for help. Be humble enough to build something from the ground up. It will be a long strenuous process but the journey and growth will be worth it.

Unnecessary Pressure

You know we do this to ourselves right? We create unnecessary pressures that really don't even exist. We think the world won't function without us, the business won't thrive without us, the office won't execute without us, and so on and so forth. We have to stop putting ourselves in this situation which causes us stress that WE created. As educated woman we are always the ones putting out fires. Why? Because we feel we need to come to the rescue of our loved ones, colleagues and everyone in between. However, I am here to report that life, that person, that company, and that organization will continue to thrive without you. So giving your best is one thing, but being everything to everybody is another. We must begin to distinguish between the two and learn when to take a step back to really focus. When we are able to listen to ourselves, we create a much better balance in our reality. Truthfully, anybody that can;t function without you needs to do some serious soul searching or reframing of the organization. Let's vow to treat ourselves right, go for our goals, and stop pressuring ourselves to reach perfection.

How do you handle pressure, your goals, and the world's expectations? Comment down below!



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