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Month of May - Unapologetically Continue to Rise.

Updated: May 7, 2020

"I want to face my pain, do my life's work, and unapologetically continue to rise" - Peace Belongs to Me, Book. April definitely threw us a few curve balls. I'm sure we all had a few moments of complete chaos, with lots of highs and lows. However, May will be no different. We just need to make up our minds about pushing forward anyway.

With the high moments such as deepening my spiritual walk through new reads that are actually quite resourceful, connection to my family and friends, Felder Official Bookstore sales, and the awesome levels of productivity, they all have definitely been emoting strong feelings of gratitude for me. In the low moments, such as the inability to see that special someone in person, the tough conversations with colleagues, the continued uncertainty around the pandemic, and sometimes the inability to think outside of myself, have been the humbling balance of the crown and the cross for me. All of these moments that I've deemed favorable and unfavorable, play a healthy role in what we call life.

I'm aware both are necessary for growth, and that all things work together for my good. So I continue to rise in thought, in authenticity, in good intentions, and try to remember that everyone is experiencing moments that are potentially life changing. However, I see women that are reluctant to be confident in the things they're doing, learning, discovering and so forth. It's perfectly fine to rejoice in all God has allowed you to withstand. It's a celebratory moment to know that something that once made you sad, no longer has you bound, not even by a thought. It's important to mark the small wins. In my opinion, it helps us appreciate the journey instead of waiting to "arrive" at the destination before we believe we are worthy.

In order to rise though, you have to face your pain. That's sometimes an ugly process, because now you have to get to the nuts and bolts behind why you aren't perfect. I'm pretty sure every woman in the world thinks she's right. #WeUsuallyAre We also believe we know what's best for ourselves until life shows us that it actually isnt what's best. Sometimes, we already know the answer and neglect to follow through. In order to grow, we have to face the music we dont want to hear. In order to learn, we have to realize, our way isnt the only right way. I know that it may seem like blasphemy #LOL but in fact, it could really set us free. Free, from the self-appointed responsibility of always having the answers. Free, from the need to fix, nurture, guide, and solve all problems. Ultimately, we come to understand that we need God's intervention if we are going to continue to rise. When we acknolwedge our imperfections, we allow him to be strong for us.

So yes, continue to rise unapologetically. Continue to seek knowledge to better yourself. Continue improving your attitude. Continue improving how you respond. Continue improving what deserves your time and effort. Continue walking in your truth every day, even if it makes someone else uncomfortable. Continue doing you and being you. These are all things I'm working to continue, and hope that you'll join me.


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Scripture for the Road... Proverbs 4:23 NLT

"Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life."

Whatever is in your heart, will literally determine what you spend your money on, where you focus your time and energy, and who has the ability to affect you both positively and negatively. What's so timely about this verse is that it asks us to guard our heart. Protect our heart. Keep it in one piece and be particular about who carries our heart with them. The one thing that has come to fruition for me, is that no one will advocate on your behalf like you can. In this adult life, you have to ensure you are holding your self accountable and others too. There is so much at stake, when we are carless about those we let in. I believe this verse captures the sincerity and severity, simultaneously.

I've finished reading "The Path Made Clear" by Oprah Winfrey and the one thing I know for sure upon concluding it is, everything that we were meant to become, is already deep down in our hearts. It is our job to manifest those things, and minimize the distractions. One of my favorite quotes from the books says

"Nourish what makes you feel confident, connected, and contented" - Oprah Winfrey

That is a mouth full and often times easier said than done. It coincides perfectly with this verse, because when you truly are guarding your heart, you're allowing God to lead it as well. I believe he leads us toward the things that do make us feel confident, connected, and contented. The trouble comes when we are distracted, unmotivated, and possibly carrying feelings of emptiness. We've all been there, could be there now, and will expereince this kind of ebb and flow in the future. I think the goal is to always remember where our helps comes from.

My current new read, "The Seat of the Soul" by Gary Zukav, really lends itself to understanding the multi-sensory beings that we truly are. This means, looking beyond the physical five senses we have in seeing, tasting, touching, feeling, and smelling... and going within to the layers of the heart, spirit, and inner being. Chapters one and two cover Evolution and Karma. I never looked at negative Karma as being so subtle but it actually is. In the way we choose to see ourselves and to see others. The important thing is that Karma, much like the golden rule tells us to treat others the way we wanted to be treated. One of the questions he asks us to identify with is the following:

"What tools/frequencies/connections cause us to expand and which ones cause us to contract?"

If the goal is to expand our minds, we not only have to send out those frequencies, but receive them as well. We cannot rely on just doing what's expected and believe that it will be returned to us. We have to actively take part in our positive connections, focus on what's happening right now, and not become side tracked with negative talk, negative thoughts, self doubt or even mean thoughts of others. We may think we have all the time in the world to correct ourselves and grow, but we truly don't. As with all things, this does take work. But I believe God rewards our effort and obedience because surely he knows we are not perfect. Let's make the month of May, our commitment to rising above. Love, Light, and many blessings to you. Take Care.



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