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"Less fear, more faith, continued trust" - An Every Day Affirmation.

I hope this Felder Official note finds you in good health. I want to share a few reflective moments I've learned in the first quarter of 2020, January through March. Now that April is here, It's a good time to reflect and refocus. Let's talk details:

Less Fear, I don't mean this just as it relates to the current worldly circumstances, but in general. In the past three months I've experienced a sort of surge into being "viewed" by the general public. With that, there are always fears of some sort. Only you know the real authenticity of your heart, and what you're sharing. Sometimes, that can be completely taken out of context. No matter how you spin it, there will always be a variance of disagreement with who you are and what you represent. But even in knowing this fact, it still brings a level of anxiety for me to continue sharing my thoughts, spiritual gifts, and intuitive insight.

So, for me, less fear means moving forward anyway. Continuing to create, curate, write, and share without feeling a sense of what this person may think or where this person knows me from. I believe fear is a human emotion, and what I'm learning most about it.. is it is often there to try and clip your wings. Most times, no one had said a word, but we ourselves create a mental block of what would possibly and could possibly be said. So I have begun practicing the affirmation of Less fear, because they're my own internal fears, projected out and back on to myself. If you find yourself in a similar space, know that when you're in the ebb and flow of what you're called to be and share with the world, ultimately everything works out for your good... you just need more faith.

More faith, in my creator, in myself, and in my ability to succeed. I think we sometimes reach for the negative before the positive because in the false race to rejection, we want to beat ourselves to a finish line. We want to blow up the operation before it even takes flight. More faith, means just that. Choosing to believe when you have a choice to doubt. Choosing to look toward, instead of looking a way. Choosing to look forward, instead of counting on failure. More faith is a decision to think with an optimistic perspective. I also know it takes way more energy to be positive Patty than it does to be negative Nancy. This is why people choose to be negative and judgmental. We're all guilty of it. But in this time and season, we need intentional faith. We need more purposeful thinking and more thoughtful interactions.

I think of sharing messages, as thoughtful interactions. Any piece of experiences learned, is worth sharing with another so that they may find refuge through what you've lived. I hope that with connecting on shared experiences we inspire each other to keep moving toward our goals. I don't want to just be moving though, I want to be thriving. The only way I can do that, is to focus on what is uniquely mine. For you, the same is true. Everyone's race looks different.

I was watching Oprah Winfrey's 2015 address at Stanford University for the "Harry's Last Lecture" event, and she quoted Acts 17:28 "For in him, we live and move and exist. As some of your poets have said, "we are his offspring". In that moment, she learned that we are spiritual beings in God having a human experience, and there is this flow of which we live and which we move. It is our job to stay in this flow and connectivity within ourselves to become the highest version of ourselves in the image of God.

It was such a moving speech, because the basis and foundation is really about faith, and actually believing in the spirit and your creator which is the larger destiny at work on your behalf. From there, we need continued trust.

Once you've reached the realization that your life has Divine ordinance, you then rest in that faith and begin continued trust. You not only trust as a basis of understanding, but you trust that even when you don't understand, the greater will for your destiny is still at work because it is. Of course the word of God tells us lean not on your own understanding. It says this for a good reason. Most times, we won't understand what's happening and why. So continued trust means consistency. It means an unwavering place of steadfast hope. Seeing life unfold in the ways that it will. I do believe that we must put in the effort if we want to see our greatest life come to pass. I don't think it just happens, just because destiny is attached to it. There is a continued trust that must be developed, and a work ethic that must be built. There are so many passages in the word of God that note the good deed doers and not just the hearers of his word. Just read the entire book of James.

What I hope to make very clear, is that fear has no power that we do not give it. Faith is the ability to move forward even when we don't know where faith leads, and continued trust is a level of consistency and unwavering commitment to your spirit's gift, growth, and God's purpose. Hopefully, you're ready to build, grind, learn, and transform to reach the moments that have been designed uniquely for your life.


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Scripture for the Road

Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do and he will show you which path to take.

Be well, with Agape love,

Jade M. Felder



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