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It's ok to let go of a group of your closest friends... here's 3 signs that its time.

It can be extremely difficult to let go of the very people you've spent a great deal of your life with. Most of the time those close friends know every detail about your professional and personal life. Those friends are also able to do complete damage to your life if things were to end on a sour note. They have all the evidence and receipts they would ever need to read you for filth. Even with them knowing your deepest of darkest secrets, when its time to let it go... girl, let it go. Here's three signs its time to say goodbye for good.

1. You've literally outgrown the conversation and the company.

You know it's time to go when things that you used to discuss are no longer interesting to you, for many reasons relating to your growth. This usually happens as you become more enlightened about who you are as an individual and don't feel the desire to continue cultivating friendships that no longer serve your inner soul. The topics seem shallow, the friends seem out of touch, and the jokes just aren't funny anymore. I'm here to tell you its because your time and friendship has come to an end. By no fault of your own or theirs. It's sometimes difficult to realize when a season has come to an end because we want to hold on to all the people who have been there since the beginning. There's this unwritten rule of remaining loyal to those who were with you "shooting in the gym". I get it, but understand the longer you entertain dead friendships, your holding yourself back from being surrounded with a group of new individuals that you mesh well with. I think the hardest thing for me was realizing I didn't know how to say "I no longer want to be friends with you" without sounding like a complete twig while doing so. I resolved to give the friendship an end date, and after that date, I just didn't make myself as readily available as I normally would. I stopped pretending I wanted to talk when I really didn't and I let them know I'm at a completely different place in my life now. Eventually, those words and actions led to the freedom of relinquishing the friendship all together.

2. You find yourself ghosting the friendship more and more, without feeling bad about it.

When you purposely look for an excuse not to answer the phone, not to go out on the weekend with this group, or make plans just to say you have other plans... that's a clear sign you need to end the friendship. If you think about it, there is a reason you no longer want to hang. It could be the group has picked up a new habit you don't approve of, your job has become too demanding and you realize your time is valuable, or simply put, they are no longer your cup of tea. So, you ghost them, dodge them, and leave them hanging without a trace of care. It's time to let the friendship go when this sort of thing continuously happens. Often times we feel bad because of the history of the friendship. But trust me, your life is too short to entertain anything or anyone that doesn't serve a purpose in your life. Its time to let it go.

3. Your friendship drains you significantly because you can't be your authentic self.

With your old group of friends and your new perspective on life, it's probably a tad bit difficult to be your new awakened self with your past staring you in the face every five minutes. You see, the thing about old friendships, and old friends is that they remember who you were, not who you're becoming. Your friends may not even recognize the new you. You then feel the need to "act" like someone they are used to being around for the sake of not being called "brand new" or dare I say it "you've changed". If you cannot be your true authentic self with the current friendships that you have, are they really friendships? If you have to pretend that your down with whatever because thats who you used to be, you are killing a little piece of your new identity every time. No one works so hard on themselves to stay the same. No one puts in time and effort to be reminded how bad they used to be back in the day. You need to surround yourself with people who see your purpose, potential, and passion. People who can call it out of you and work with you towards greater. It's time to let go of friendships that keep you stagnant. You will thank yourself later.

How have you ended a friendship? Chat in the comments below!

#soulfood Genesis 50:19-21



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