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If You're Reading this... You Made It.

It's August 1st and we have officially concluded HALF of the year 2020. Time is flying, everything is in shambles, emotions are all over the place, we're living in a huge grey area right now, and we don't know what tragic event will happen next. God still reigns and that's literally my saving grace at this point. I know this year has been throwing curve balls left and right. It's so important to remain grounded in these complete times of uncertainty.

One of the greatest lessons I've learned since the first half of the year has become something I make as a daily practice, and that is the decision to #chooselife. I choose life, by making the decision to not only trust God, but to also not try and fight the natural occurring flow of my life. Ultimately, I came to realize that I am in control of how I respond. Tons of things will happen to me, and when they do, I get to choose whether I engage negatively which ultimately is death to my spirit, my character, my hard earned progress, and an insult to the essence of my being... or #positively which ultimately gives life to my spirit. It becomes much more simple when I look at situations through this level of dichotomy.

Does this mean that all my answers will be given to me in that moment of new found clarity? Absolutely not. But as I resolve to trust God, that means I trust that he knows the answer and it will be revealed to me in it's perfect time. I continue to move forward in a positive way, instead of giving anything or anyone negative energy. I try to find better ways to express hurt, frustrations, and shortcomings. The more I interact in this world, the more I realize there are wounds we all hold. If those wounds aren't healed, they will fester. Living and choosing life, is to do the things that push you toward purpose, not away from it. Think of the thoughts that are true, and righteous, and honorable as God's word commands.

It's easier said than done, sure. However, I find that statement isn't an excuse to not even try. God knows we will fall short of his standard (Book of Romans). However, that doesn't mean he wants us to stop putting our best foot forward. So sure, 2020 has dealt a crappy hand. Who knows, maybe 2021 will too. We can't decide to live once everything becomes what we desire it to be. We have to live right now. The perfect time to #chooselife is now. The perfect time to change our minds and perspectives is now. I know it takes hard work, but its hard work worth doing, if it will save our lives.


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Scripture for the Road...

"For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth" John 4:24 NLT

When we go and kneel before God, our heart posture is so important. When I think about the word truth, that means bearing it all, being transparent, and showing God ourselves. Knowing that he sees all and knows all is one thing... but to bring out troubles, fears, joys, and anxiousness to him is another level of relationship. Serving God in truth, means serving him in our fullest capacity. It means serving him in the most embarrassing of times even.

Our sin, usually drives us away from God's sight, just as Adam and Eve did in the Garden after they ate of the tree of knowledge. It's so difficult to go and sit before God knowing what you may have said or done. When I know I need to talk with him about something that I've been convicted about, I try to go as quickly as I can. Sometimes, its abrupt in the middle of whatever I'm doing. Other times, I wait until I can be in a space and time to sit in it for a while without distraction. Either way it goes, I know there are things I have to come to God about consistently.

I think my goal is to always try and focus on Jesus instead of what my future holds. That's the one area I love to envision, because naturally I enjoy thinking of new beginnings, new starts, and continued growth. With that though, I sometimes need to slow down and be present. Being present, means being in touch with my #spiritman as Dr. Myles Munroe would call it. God made us in his image male and female. Before we were given an earthly body, we were spirit. So how do we connect with God in spirit and in truth... by going into our inner being, the place where Christ dwells.

As we look forward to the rest of 2020, soon it will be Holiday season. My prayers for us all is that we remain focused each day on what's right and honorable... what's in spirit and what's in truth. Be well everyone. Blessings.


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