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I think its safe to say I'm a workaholic... But here's how I keep balance in my life.

Actually, I think its safe to say MOST women in 2018 are workaholics. Considering the statistics that show women entrepreneurship is on the rise, black women are the most educated population by degrees, and we all know that women are trying to secure the bag for themselves these days period. I think for me, it's about balance. Balance between going and grinding hard at work, coming home to unplug, and have a life completely unrelated to my job. Here's what I'm doing to keep balance in my life.

Work is demanding and I mean who's job isn't demanding? However, I really do things in my life to try and balance out the work environment from my home environment because I believe in subtle escapes. I believe that my home is my sanctuary. I also believe that work is a place where I thrive, perform well, and demolish said goals. In my life and career I've had the pleasure of moving up at a young age because of my level of maturity, the company I keep and the leadership skills that have been embedded in me since an early age. I've been put in leadership positions pretty much my whole life and what that means is I had to learn early how to adjust, escape, retreat, and relax when needed. Although I must say my leadership style has evolved over time and experience. I went from a "one woman show" type of leader who would do all the work on my own because I didn't trust those around me to execute at levels I approve of... to a leader that understands the dynamics to a team, appreciates diversity in skill sets, and utilizes team member's individual strengths to help get tasks completed.

When it comes to balancing my work life with my personal life I do things that help to identify with where I am. So here are a few tips about creating a work life balance from my perspective to ensure you don't lose your mind and become overwhelmed with life.

1. Dress for the Occasion

I am a woman who believes in looking presentable where ever I go. I also have a father who wears a suit to work every single day. This taught me early on that when you go to work, dress for the occasion. I am a fan of the quote "Dress for the Job you want, not the job you have" as well. So when I'm at work, you will catch me in everything professional wear. So when I'm home, I wear the complete opposite of what I would wear to work. This symbolizes my freedom to be released from work duty, pressure, and all things office culture. When I get home or happen to be out on the weekend I enjoy clothing and styles opposite of what I wear in the work place. My color palates in clothing are more vibrant at home. I tend to lean toward jeans and higher heels on the weekend. I also tend to do bolder lips, and express my personality a lot more. I choose to do this in my world because when I'm at work, I want to be known for my professionalism, leadership, and work ethic, thats it. That way I don't have to deal with any road blocks as it relates to what I'm qualified to do. Being a black woman is hard work, and I don't believe the work place deserves to know every part of me. Professional Jade is enough. Home equals free and relaxed for me, so I try to create that balance from work in what I wear.

2. Bringing Work Home... #IssaNo For Me

Some women I know prefer to bring work home, have a glass of wine and continue plugging away. I try to complete tasks while I'm in the office even if that means I'm there a little later. I prefer to do work at work, and let home be home. I want to unplug from my day, I don't want my work day following me all the way to my bedroom (my future husband will thank me for this later). I like to cook and make darn good meals that I'd like to enjoy... not be consumed with responding to emails. I also like to blog, hence #FelderOfficial so I keep the balance by keeping work at work. It has also allowed me to adapt a mantra that believe's a days work is never done so get to what's important first, then get to what you can, then get to that tomorrow. I always feel good after I wrap up a day having accomplished a few goals with the work load. If work was supposed to end, your checks would too. So trust me, the work will be there in the morning when you arrive. Go home, relax, and create balance.

3. Environment is everything

I would like to stress that when you leave work, you should really leave work. I tend to run in the morning before work so when I get home, I am really ready to relax. I try to change my environment and switch it up so that it continually renews me. Sometimes my environment is getting lost in the pages of a book. Other times, I like to light candles, cook and hear tunes, and ultimately curl up to #youtube video, a #TEDTalk or something like Being Mary Jane on Netflix. I also like to change my environment by visiting a friend after work, going to grab a bite to eat, or making a quick trip to shop . For me, a change of environment makes me feel like I really escaped for a few hours. I like to be exhausted when I get home because I know I'll get a good night sleep. So switch it up every once in a while. Create environments that say "This place is definitely not work".

4. Take your Lunch Break more seriously

Be serious about the lunch break, its a life and job saver. Whether it's thirty minutes or an hour, you need to take a break. Getting some fresh air, take a walk, have a solo lunch (for my fellow introverts), or simply ride to your nearest local store. Get out of the office. Get out of the environment. Renew your strength for the 2nd half of your work day. I know at times it seems like you can't escape, but your have to be willingly to let those co-workers know, you can't join them for a shared lunch. I do it all the time with my actions and polite let downs. Maybe this piece of advice is for my fellow introverts. Run away and recharge.

5.Pick a hobby, any hobby

Hobbies are the best things to past the time in the most productive and enjoyable way. Whether your hobby be in sports, projects, DIY, thrifting, sewing, scrapbooking, adult coloring, etc... find something that speaks to your peace. I like to write, read, and I do have other hobbies such as coloring. These things may seem trivial and pointless, however, they do help create a level of balance between the tough stuff I manage in my professional life and light hearted fun in my personal life. I tend to believe if there is no separation in the areas of your life, it won't feel as if you are truly getting a break. When business and pleasure collide, it usually doesn't end well for any party involved. Therefore, I recommend getting a hobby and creating a life outside of your work environment.

Hopefully these tips will help you create a better work life balance for yourself. I know how important it is that we do great work for ourselves as women. It is also important that we take care of ourselves. Another big component is scheduling health appointments when needed but thats a whole other topic. Be well and know that work will be there tomorrow morning. Go Home.

#SoulFood Genesis 50:19



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