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Honestly, there's still so much more learning to do.| Hello November!

Every day that I continue to survive 2020, it just really highlights how little I know about the world around me and the depth waiting to be discovered within me. There have been so many different changes, that have required me to show up in areas of my life where I hadn't previously needed to be present, decisive, or informed before now. When I make decisions, I like to make informed ones. When I evaluate an area where I'm growing bored, I have to search for new avenues of challenge. When I'm feeling like I'm getting the hang of things, I have to be sure not to self-sabotage the work that I'm putting in.

  1. Voting. As I can remember, my very first time voting was back in 2008 for President Obama, and of course re-election thereafter. With the current presidential race being so essential, and having a new wave of candidates such as Kamala Harris, I wanted to make informed decisions about why I was voting for the Biden Harris ticket. I didn't want it to simply be because I'm not in favor of the current Trump-Pence presidency. So, I made it a point to actually learn more about the people I voted for, before I actually casted my vote.

  2. Bible Study. Learning historical aspects of the bible, tangible artifacts, Hebrew literature, etc... have become increasingly important to me, but also very interesting. Because Jesus was both fully God and fully man, during his time here on earth... I feel it is important for me to understand not only the spiritual aspects of his life, but also the actual realities of his life as a political liberal, a carpenter, a philanthropist, Jesus the Nazarene. Some of my current teachers are Tim Mackie, Emmet Fox, and Ravi Zacharias.

  3. Career Goals and Aspirations. As a student affairs administrator, there's always something more to learn about what's happening in tertiary education, or higher education as it's commonly known. I realize that in order to lead, I have to be informed and aware of what's happening in the field of education as it is today. My opinion matters at the table. My way of presenting, organizing, or reporting data matters as well. I also understand that if I require my leaders to be knowledgeable, I must also require it of myself. This thought process has brought on a welcomed and refreshed approach to my learning about higher education.

  4. Life Lessons and Choices. I feel like I learn something new every single day in this area honestly. Choices have become the cornerstone of me choosing to be disciplined or not, responding to negativity or not, extending grace or not, etc. Life Lessons never stop really. So, I'm learning to be okay with not having the answers. I'm learning to understand that in time, everything I need to know will come. That saying "if you're the smartest person in the room, it's time to change rooms" is extremely true. I realized that complacent behavior, easy going environments, put a damper on learning and expanding. The minute we stop learning in life, is the minute our decline begins.

There's just so much more to do, and so much more to see. It's a blessing in itself that I've been able to experience the things that I have both good and bad. My prayer for all readers and myself alike, is that we care enough about our race in life, to endure it, enjoy it, learn from it, but most importantly my prayer is that we finish it. What areas of your life are you looking to learn more about? Where do you want to grow? I hope you feel a sense of refueling and know that you can learn at any age. You can create new habits at any age. You can be the best you, at any age. I'm right there beside you. November let's do this!


Quotes and Convos

"We like our quotes with a real conversation on the side"

Episode 13 : Choose your hard, the Secret Place, and Being kind gets exhausting!



Felder Official Bookstore | November Release!

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Everyone deserves a moment each day to reflect, write, and collect thoughts. Purchase this journal for a loved one, as a meaningful gift. Purchase this journal for the family as a shared effort to engage on emotional levels about topics that are not easy to discuss. Purchase this journal for your organization or favorite group with shared hobbies. Purchase this journal for the benefits of mental health and longevity of healthy self-expression. Happy journaling, your future self says thank you today!


Scripture for the Road:

Galatians 5:13 -14 13 For you were called to freedom, brethren; only do not turn your freedom into an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.14 For the whole Law is fulfilled in one word, in the statement, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

We were called to live in freedom, through Jesus Christ. Without him, we are slave to our flesh, our human nature, our human heart condition which curates sin daily. But through Jesus, we have been given the choice to live differently. We have been given a choice to love instead of hate, to give instead of just constantly receiving, to forgive instead of holding on the the grudges of the people that we know today and have known in the past.

Being free is about understanding you don't have to submit to your flesh. Being free is understanding that whatever you believe in your heart has the ability to come true. It is our God given right to have a choice. In that freedom, we know we can use our lives to demonstrate good. Especially in a culture where people insult, offend, and disrespect each other on a daily basis. You and I don't have to choose to engage in it. We don't have to disrupt the gift of peace we have been given.

And when we fight battles internally, we are free to be healed according to what God says is true about us. Feelings are fleeting and cannot always be trusted. The word tells us lean not on your own understanding because in reality we really know nothing compared to what the father in heaven knows. We have to choose to be happy. We have to choose to smile again after grief and pain. We have to choose to love after being hurt. We have been given the freedom to do so.

Don't feel bonded to the way the world sees life. You have a life with Christ that opens every door that you need, and closes every door the poses harm. As we strive to be obedient to God's word every single day, remember that you are loved even when you dont feel it. You are seen even when you can't see it. You are heard even when you dont think God hears it.

May November be filled with God's purpose for your life.

Love you Fam,



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