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Here's what the Grammys can teach you about hard work.

The #Grammys is one of the biggest nights in music. It's a star-studded event attended by every A-List celebrity and music artist who have been working tirelessly, consistently, and are here to collect what is due unto them. The Grammys can teach you a thing or two about hard work in that every award received tonight comes from a grind that runs so deep and consistently that it's almost scary.

Pictured - Alessia Cara, Grammy Winner, Best New Artist.

The Grammys is the moment, Hard work is the journey.

Every person that has a dream of becoming something major in the music industry doesn't come with the same hustle and mentality. There are millions of talented people in the world. However there are very few who will work until they break barriers. The awards received are just a moment in time. The journey in which a professional learns along the way is what makes the moment worth it. It's the long nights, continuing through your fears, believing in yourself, and more importantly, not giving up on dreams. Where one person taps out due to rejection, another has seen the bump in the road and continued to ride right past it. Set backs are often set ups. This kind of mental preparation is not for the weak or the weary.

Just to be nominated.

Do you know what it means just to be nominated for a #Grammy ? That means your work is in the category of the top music artist of the entire year. This is an accomplishment within itself and most artist are proud of this milestone. Think of the current profession your in, the level of work you have devoted, and ask your self what award are you worthy of? What kind of recognition is due unto you? If you know you've been giving your dreams and goals 40%, expect that 40% back as a reward. In the same breath if you give 100% you can expect 200% in return. Why? Because hard work never goes unnoticed! And you'll receive double for your trouble.

Don't fall in love with their fame. Fall in love with their work ethic.

If you see the #Grammys tonight and it has you feeling like "why can't that be me?" ask yourself about your honest level of consistency and commitment to your craft. Don't fall in love with the glamour and the red carpets because that is only going to satisfy a materialistic desire. What you should fall in love with is the work ethic that got the artist to where they are today. You not only want a strong work ethic, but a strong mind, and spirit to match. The entertainment industry, much like Corporate America can be ruthless. If you aren't careful you can put yourself in situations that may not be as easy to get out of. Build your stamina for work, build your character up with humility, grind until you see the results you've been hoping for. Allow the #Grammys to serve as an example of what happens when your work finally pays off. Get started and don't look back!

Who's you favorite winner of the evening?! Comment down below.



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