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Happy New Year - It’s Go Time!

Wow, 2018 was really the year of new beginnings in my life. New career, new apartment, new car, new spiritual perspectives, new growth in self-love, new growth in self-care, and a new hair cut! (That I am absolutely in love with!) 2018 has shown me that in order to receive all those new things, an important step prior was to let the old things go.

My prayers for 2019 are for a spirit of consistency, completion, and sustainability in every area of my life.

If you’re on this journey I pray for you as well! Often times we get the new beginning but we never actually see it through to the finish line. Felder Official has evolved and will continue to spread knowledge, love, and light through my own life experiences.


Here is the Felder Official Planning list to kick off 2019:

1. Create consistency in DAILY routines in the areas of focus.

2. Compare yourself to last year‘s version of you instead of comparing yourself to others .

3. Give yourself some Patience. Don’t grow angry if progress is slower than expected.

4. Honor all your loved ones in your life. Always tell them you love them.

5. Give your energy, time, and resources to things that will benefit you and provide your contribution to this world around you.





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