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Happy 5 Year Anniversary Felder Official!

Whew! Momma, we made it.

Today we're five years old and yet I feel like this is a new lease on creativity, purpose, and drive. It's Building Season!

The milestones of writing two self-authored books, building a digital bookstore, and stocking it with awesome tools for personal mastery have been a journey. When I first began the Felder Official Blog, I didn't know where it was headed, I just knew I wanted to write and express my thoughts in a medium that could live, grow, and evolve.

As I look toward 2022 and beyond, the goal remains the same. Writing has always brought me so much joy and relief. I've been able to advocate for causes I believe in, contribute to the nourishment of those connected to me, and yet I still have more left in the tank to give. This year, I plan to expound upon the new revelations I receive in the spaces I occupy most and believe in the passions that I hold.

Lifelong learning; spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally... here's what I look forward to sharing with you:

Womanhood: The renewing of our minds daily as women in the world, in this country, and in our personal lives. There is strength in testimony and beauty in sisterhood. Felder Official will continue to be moved by this mantra.

Higher Education: As my doctoral journey continues, my intellectual growth deepens, which ultimately means there are ways to contribute in these spaces as a scholar, writer, student, and more. In our current political climate, it's important for us to remain progressive. Reform, discussion, inclusion, curriculum, and appreciation for our history all have an integral part to play in the future of Education in this country.

Spiritual Connection: God is ever-present as he was in year 1 of Felder Official as he is in year 5. Lifelong learning spiritually means being open to give and receive in every season of life. We can listen to sermons, buy books, listen to podcasts, and the like. It's more important to apply those teachings in our daily life in an effort to grow closer to our creator.

I want to say also, Thank You for rocking with Felder Official and staying connected. It means a lot and I pray that this continues to be a space where you are filled. Let's see what year five has in store!

Let the Lifelong Learning Continue.


Jade M. Felder



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