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Give Yourself Permission to Bloom.

This is the motto and the mood for 2020! This year, we are taking the chances on ourselves and putting forward 100%. This year, our reservations and our fears do not control who we eventually become. Defeat is not an option when we decided we aren't giving up. That's the motto that has been driving me to show new lengths to my creativity, challenge myself in adapting more consistency, and choosing to be action oriented instead of waiting for things to come.

On February 12, 2020 Felder Official site launched the first published book ever, "Peace Belongs to Me" . The overwhelming response has been the catalyst to prove that all hard work will receive the accolades it deserves in due time. Felder Official Celebrated 3 years of content, blog posts, engagements on and off-line. I am so excited about the many different responses being received about the contents of the book, it's messaging, and the hearts it's touching.

So where do we go from here? Staying true to the motto, the goal is to have a strong year of stepping out of our comfort zone. What's so interesting and mysterious about the ways in which God works... Sometimes, we see isolation as a negative space when in fact it can be an extremely positive thing. I took some down time to not only write my book, but also get in alignment with what's happening in my life. Things can seem extremely confusing when you're not really sure what direction you're headed in.

I think it's perfectly fine to experience confusion and uncertainty. It gives stability and certainty more value once they are achieved. What I'm discovering the more I tune into life in adulthood is that nobody has it all together.

There's not a single person on the face of this earth that's not struggling with something in their life.

The purpose of the book "Peace Belongs to Me" is a daily affirmation to recite to yourself. No matter what you're experiencing, you don't have to live in chaos about it. Acceptance is key. Gratitude is key. An understanding that everything in this life is temporary is also key.

As Maya Angelou says, "Every storm eventually runs out of rain".

It's an understanding that troubles are inevitable but they do not last for the rest of your days. You should not allow your circumstances to control your mood and attitude. Use peace as a guide, start and end your day there.


The New York Times Said..."Being single isn't a bad thing. In fact, many women prefer it."

Now, I know everyone has their opinion about the current state of affairs for single women, but speaking for myself... I'd have to agree and disagree. The article was about the new found love and freedom women are experiencing without getting into marriages due to the sacrifices, time commitment, and changes that must be made once you enter into a relationship. So, as we're currently in the era of success, business, driven personalities etc... relationships seem to be more cumbersome than beneficial to select women.

The article goes on to discuss the unattached population, noting that on Instagram, 12.9 million posts utilized the hashtag #engaged, while #single is used more than 17.9 million times. Also in 2016, 110.6 million U.S residents 18 years and older were unmarried. Women were 53.2 percent of those individuals. I also can't forget the mention of an Instagram page called @notengaged that is specifically designed to depict life without an engagement ring, which has tons of pictures "livin' it up" per se.

Felder Official thoughts: While I do agree that being single is definitely more freeing, I don't believe women are purposely choosing to be single. I believe we are embracing the current life we have set in front of us because there is no sure way to know whether or not marriage is in our future. We choose to live for now. Right now, a situationship is not what I want. I also don't want to date without intention. I've been there, done that. So when we say women actually prefer it, I'd have to disagree.

The question I then have to ask myself: Are you actually making room for a person to enter into your life? and unfortunately the answer is no. I really should make more of an effort. I don't believe I've stepped outside of my comfort zone in this area. My space is set-up for one person only, and that's me. So while I may say I'm ready for a partner, my actions say something different. I also think that I haven't had much intentionality in this area. Everything should be organic in my opinion . I'd like to meet someone new while I'm doing the things I love, not some forced interaction through dating sites, speed dates, etc.

To conclude, I applaud the women who want to be single because I definitely get it. This freedom is addictive and you can become set in your ways very quickly. However, I know the value that partnership can bring. I know the value of a steadfast marriage and I too would love that some day. I just think it has to be a purpose partner. Someone I'm designed to grow closer to God with and actually do life with. Other than that, I am completely content with the single life I've curated for myself.


I'm Reviewing Books that I Love

I have uploaded some new book reviews of all the things I've been reading lately. I currently participate in Oprah's Book Club and we're on the 3rd selection "American Dirt" right now. Here's the book overview of what I've personally read within the last few months.


Scripture for the Road - Hebrews 5:8 NLT

"Even though Jesus was God's Son, he learned obedience from the things he suffered."

Man listen, I have been getting a crash course in obedience from God lately. Sometimes we believe that just because we have a relationship with Christ, we shouldn't experience bad things. Its actually the difficult times that build character in us. It's the hardest thing to go through presently, but you're stronger after you have endured it. I had been experiencing some recent tests during work, where I knew it had to be external attacking because of what God is trying to prepare me for within.

So, in 2020, accept the challenges. Let's not give up because it's hard. Let's not run away because the assignment in our professional life or personal life becomes too much. We are seriously being prepared for the next level. Where ever God has you right at this moment in life, you are meant to have some impact there. Where ever you're experiencing the hardship, that's where you can find purpose. Unfortunately, we think purpose should be easy, but as I continue to grow in my spiritual relationship I'm learning that its not easy. The path is organically created for us to walk through, but we will experience hardships, not meant to be road blocks, along the way. Where there is no trial or test of character, there is no growth forward.

Know that everything in life happens for a reason and everything in life lasts for a season. Have an amazing week, Felder Official Tribe.



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