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Getting your degree is a giant step to reaching professional success and the hardest. Here's Why...

Updated: Dec 31, 2017

Earning your bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree is one of the best accomplishments anyone could achieve in their life time. You committed yourself to reaching new heights of success and the hope is that it will pay off. Here are a few road blocks to prepare for after you receive your degree.

1) You're not settling for just any old job.

Once you receive a degree, you feel very much entitled to get a job that is worth the hard long hours you put in as a student. The nights you studied, the presentations presented, and the graphs you charted should all render a career that is worthy of you. You see, that's not always the case. Once you receive a degree there is the notion called "over qualified" which quite frankly I don't understand why it exists, but it does. However, some places will refuse to higher you if you aren't within their pay range. The higher your degree, the more they have to pay you. We live in a time where experience is rewarded as well. Rest assured if you and the competition can achieve the same skill set but you have a masters and they have a bachelors, the bachelors candidate will be at an advantage based on what the company prioritizes. Sad but true.

2) You may not be working in your field after that degree.

Ideally, after you receive your degree in elementary eductaion, the idea is to go work at pinewood elementary school as a third grade teacher. Why? Because this is what you studied for! However, life doesnt always follow that plan of school, degree, salary (in field). You may have a few detours before arriving at your desired degree worthy destination. You may be re-routed all together. Some women are perfectly happy with this turn of events, but it does come at an emotional and sometimes physical cost. Be ready to endure what comes with life after your degree because it won't always be what you expected. You may find a new hobby that develops a new found passion. Just know recieveing your degree was most definitely not in vain.

3) You may need to relocate for your job.

If anyone knows a thing or two about moving it is me. I've lived in several different places and I can tell you moving is not cheap! Your new degree may require you to go where your position is. That could be moving from Colorado to Florida, or even New York to California. There will be pros and cons to weigh regarding your move. This would include moving expenses, new area to live, your commute to work, and the social community availale to fit your needs. It can be extremely tough and the adjustment will take some time. However, the more you are prepared for this move the better off you'll be. Start saving money as soon as possible, find any means to save/borrow, and definitely throw a graduation party to be showered with monetary gifts for your big move. Life after the degree is hard but you can do it!

What's been the best or worst experience for you after receiving your degree? Let us know in the comment section below!



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