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Congratulations Hoda Kotb! New Year, Big Promotion, Women Rule!

If you aren't living under a rock then you've heard the big news! This morning the news was announced that Hoda Kotb is the New Co-Anchor of the #TodayShow replacing Matt Lauer, the former co-anchor who was fired for sexual misconduct allegations. This will make today show history as the First Female Duo!

Do You Know What This Means? Women are Winning!

The promotion means that Kotb and Savannah Guthrie will co-host the famed morning show. Having two women as co-anchors is in direct opposition to the typical man-and-woman morning show format. We couldnt be anyomore excited for this new change. We look forward to continue seeing Hoda's bright smile and cheerful disposition moving forward. Today is a win for women in the work place. #Professional #TodayShow #HodaKotb #Women



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