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5 Professional Experiences to Have in your 20s

When you're fresh out of college trying to figure out your life's trajectory based on the degree and bare minimum experience you have, life can be a little scary. Your 20s are here for you to explore professionally, gain valuable experiences, and ultimately find the path that you are destined to go. Here are 5 professional experiences every woman should experience in her twenties.

1. Give a Presentation

Nothing is scarier than having to present in front of a group of your professional peers, hearing their diverse feedback, watching their stares, and basically cringing at what your boss may be thinking in that moment. However, its crucial for you to experience what its like to be the expert on a specific topic of discussion and expound on your personal findings. This really allows the people in your office/on your team to really get a sense of what you're capable of. It also allows people to sense where your strengths are in regard to team strengths and weaknesses. You need to experience preparing for a presentation that isn't a college project but of professional expertise. With a presentation, your non-verbals say a lot too. Are you confident in front of people? Are you speaking clearly for all to understand? Are you speeding through the presentation? Are you able to answer all questions in the end? These are all questions that come from facilitating a presentation. Get the experience now and begin to perfect it as you go forward in your career.

2. Negotiate a Salary

When you start your first position out of college, I doubt that you'll have enough room to negotiate anything. When you get at least 3 years of experience under your belt, you then begin to create leverage of why a company should be paying you more than the base salary they offered you. Some great advice I received from one of my great lawyer friends is

"Negotiate for yourself as if you were advocating for a loved one in your life".

That was literally the best advice to receive because you would go to the ends of the earth to ensure the ones you love have exactly what they need. So, treat yourself with the same kind of spirit. After all, even if the employer says there are "no negotiations" there actually are. It could be made up in the salary number itself, the moving expenses, or in the benefits offered. You also should ask about bonuses and rewards for exceptional work performance in evaluations. All of these things are due unto you, if they believe you are an asset to the company. This also comes with selling yourself and increasing your marketability. Don't say things you know you personally cannot deliver. Let your negotiation reflect what time, effort, and energy you are about to give your company.

3. Ask for a Promotion

This one is extremely bold and scary. More importantly,asking for a promotion requires receipts in hand. Im referring to what you have given to your company in the currency of "work load" to ask for something in return. Just how valuable have you become to the company? Ideally, ask for a promotion in the right time and season, not just completely out of the blue. Is a new position in the office coming available? Is the company making transitions into a direction of your expertise? Have you been completing the job without being paid for it? (That's a common one) Well, you should consider asking for a raise or promotion. What this will teach you is how to show a company you know your worth and are willing to again, advocate on your behalf. It also gives you a sense of where you stand with the company. One thing's for sure, if you do apply for the promotion and receive it, you are well on your way to a successful career!

4. Pay Bills on Time

Emphasis on the "On Time" part. When you are in charge of your bills, there is a level of pressure that rolls around every first of the month. This is a dreadful or rewarding experience depending upon how you look at it. Some people dread paying bills because all of their spending money is gone. Others see it as a process, that is truly a blessing to be able to pay all of their bills and doing it on time. Being on time shows your credit worthy, your responsible, and you are capable of handling bigger bills should they come. Paying on time means you plan and prepare for what will be spent, budget, and then save. Paying bills is definitely "Adulting 101" and you should feel proud to take on this level of independence in your 20s.

5. Explore an Entrepreneurship Idea

When's the last time you tried something for the first time?( #Drake shoutout)! Explore what its like to be in business for yourself. Now granted, there are people in the world who enjoy having a 9-5 job that allows them the freedom to spend their nights and weekends at their leisure. It also offers you company benefits that come in handy when we begin to talk about insurance. However, the only way to explore being an entrepreneur and finding out if it's right for you is to just do it. If it fails, fine... if it succeeds and you want to continue... even better! The goal here is to gain experience working for yourself and making money that you sincerely earned every pink penny.

What are some things you've experience so far in your professional career? Comment down below!



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