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30 Day Devotional for the Purposeful Women! New Book Release|Merry Christmas from Felder Official!

What a year! The final Felder Official Book for 2020 is here. I have authored my 2nd piece of literature, a devotional for the purposeful women around the world. This book was written to take us into the new year by creating a purposeful relationship with God; through prayer, meditation, and conversation found in these daily devotions. Beginning new year's day, I'd like you to join me in the conversation of starting the year with intentionality and focus on the most important element in our lives; our relationship with Christ.

Many of us have weathered so many storms this year that we can only expect better in the future. The vernacular I've chosen to be the compass of my year in 2021 are Clarity, Confidence, Worthiness, and Purpose. These words alone have so much weight and carry so much power. I've chosen them, though, because they really align with where I am headed into the new year. I hope you can set aside time, really survey your 2020 year, talk with God about what's next, and really determine where your heart posture will be.

In this book, I've written a special note at the end for every woman who finishes, and I've also included a bonus devotional (Day 31), which happens to be my all-time favorite scripture in the bible right now. There are definitely some levels we will connect on through this devotional. If it touches you, I hope that you will share it with someone else and allow it to be a thoughtful piece of consideration for them as well. Having community on the purpose journey is so important, and I'm so honored that you've allowed Felder Official Books to accompany you on your way to continued thriving and greatness. Merry Christmas Fam!



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