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#Charlottesville... Felder Official Thoughts

           This current time is going down in American history. So much has rocked this nation to it's core and has exposed a lot of hidden agendas that seem to be glossed over with unifying words such as "change" "inclusion" and "diversity". I believe that everything that is happening is exactly what needs to transpire if we are going to be on the brink of any real change in the generations to come.  Every major change that America has seen in it's history has come about only after it has been fought for. Freedom, Civil Rights, Education, Marriage Equality, and so much more happened only after it became clear that the country could no longer remain the same. So yes, the Charlottesville event and backlash it's received is happening because it needs to. 

        Based on what we've seen historically white supremacist have deeply rooted insecurities within themselves, that is a reflection of their character and overall fear of progression. This statement holds true for any hate group for that matter. Speaking of matter... Let's be clear, "Black Lives Matter" is not a hate group, but a movement to bring awareness to the unequal treatment, killings, and double standards that black people are subjected to in this country. It also is to make white counterparts aware that our lives matter just as much as theirs and anyone else's life. The movement is to INCLUDE black lives with everyone else... not to EXCLUDE white lives. White supremacist target the Black community, the next day it's the LGBTQ community, the day after it's the International community, on Saturday it's the Feminist community, and on Sunday it's the Religious community. The common denominator here is that white supremacist have a problem with everyone that's not them. I urge hate group members to think long and hard about why you dislike the group you ridicule... Im almost 100% sure the issues lies within you, not them. At the core of every community's issues, each desires to be treated with equality, respect, and appreciation for it's diverse contribution to our American melting pot. People have to learn that it's ok to agree to disagree and still keep the peace.

It is times like these that I am extremely thankful  for my profession. My students come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. All beautiful and unique in their own way. At the very core of them all is one race... the human race. They all have needs such as encouragement, protection, education, and guidance. They all have passion in their eyes and an eagerness to be successful in their spirits. My prayer for you all...  Do not allow this nation's current climate to make you lose hope. It may sounds cliché but YOU ARE OUR TOMORROW. 

Dear Students, 

It's been a tough time for you all Im sure. Sorting out your feelings about all the recent events, trying to determine where you stand for yourselves, who's views you agree and disagree with etc. I'm here to express that it's ok  to walk through your emotions about the things you may be experiencing. No one can prep you for hatred, it is just an inevitable part of being alive. At some point or another someone will disagree with you, a disagreement beyond your control... Like the color of your skin, your country of origin, or your sexual orientation. I urge you at this time more than ever to discover who you are without the pressure to submit to society's stereotypical norms. "Love wins" for those who are ready to receive it and give it. God is Love. Life is Love. Also understand that the things you see on TV and Social Media are happening but it is not the full representation of every individual in this nation. There ARE good people in the world. It is hard not to internally "judge" others because it's human nature and we tend to operate based upon past experiences. I ask that once you realize you've judged incorrectly make the necessary adjustments to learn, grow, and apologize. I also urge you to see the world beyond America. Don't be confined to one way of life and thinking. As you become adults you don't have to remain "stuck in your ways". YOU decide how much society can change. YOU decide how progressive this nation will be. Find those positive outlets and allies who support you authentically and give to this country what those before you could never give. Most importantly... keep going, keep learning, and keep growing. 

-Felder Official 

(My middle school babies in 2012. Love you all!!!)

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