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Self-Awareness. A gift that keeps on giving.

One thing I've learned about being labeled as "hot tempered" or "mild mannered" is... the difference lies in how long it takes a person to SNAP CRACKLE and POP. Everyone has their limits of how far they are willing to be pushed. We all have our tolerance levels. Some people have more patience than others. In all honesty patience is simply your ability to wait... without becoming irritated, easily angered, or down right pissed. However, for any person who is always seemingly agreeable, unfortunately people may sometimes mistake your kindness for weakness. Why? because we live in a society that values toughness, independence, and physical strength instead of the REAL strength which is vulnerability, emotion, empathy, and forgiveness. Why is all of this talk about patience important? The reason is because you must know yourself, in order to be the best judge of character for yourself.

When you are in a given situation that causes you to "act out of character" how do you really know you're acting out of character unless you know who you are in a stable mental capacity. Your limits are tested in environments where you are pushed beyond your comfort zone. You character, patience, and self-awareness predict how you will respond to an unwanted stimulus. That stimulus can be someone wrongly communicating words you've said, someone invading your privacy, someone asking you to do more than you believe your capable of, or even a task that requires much more time than your willing to give. When people push your very last button that you have, the last little bit of energy you have left you must learn to step away. This is why its important to spend time with yourself. Learn the things your enjoy and dislike. Learn what make you uncomfortable. Learn what makes you passionate. All these tools of self-awareness will guide you in the event you have to respond. Any where. Any time.

Dear Students,

Self Love is important. However, self love is used to discover in what capacity we can serve others outside of ourselves. In my previous blog post I talked about making an effort to extend beyond your immediate self. This holds true here as well. For instance, I know that I am an introvert, I enjoy spending time with myself because it allows me to recharge from the outside social extroverted world I live in. I also know that I am very gifted in nurturing, I'm very intuitive, and I enjoy the observatory skills that I have. I also know that I struggle to understand those who are complacent in life, because I believe you should always be growing and evolving. I say these things to say figure out who you are as a human being. Learn your mental capacity so that you won't allow people to push your over the edge of what you can give. Life will only drain you if you allow it to. Learn how to say "No" just as much as you tell people "Yes". Guard your heart and preserve your energy for people and causes in life that truly deserve it. Most importantly... keep going, keep learning, and keep growing.

-Dean Felder

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