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Change the way you see change

When people hear that something or someone is changing we automatically go into defense mode. Why is that? The answer lies within the individuals comfort zone, routine, stability and normality. The word change in it's self means to disrupt, alter the course of action, or divert from the original plans. We all see change in a way that can't possibly be good unless we are able to assess the possible outcomes before hand. Usually, when you can't see what lies ahead you become hesitant to take the next step. Whether that change is a new school, new job, new relationship, new colleagues, new home, lifestyle, eating habits, etc... we are reluctant to changes of our current safe haven. I personally would like to disrupt the narrative that change is often times seen with a negative connotation. Take a moment to look at the positives.

Let's begin to associate change with the word innovation, creativity, or trial and error even. If you think long and hard most of the changes you didn't want to occur happened as a result of life being bigger than just your immediate surroundings. The other fact about change is that it is inevitable. It will happen. Just as sure as life and death, we can add change as another definite factor we all will experience. So understanding that people change, circumstances change, and life in general changes why do we continue to drag our feet, put up the biggest fights, or waddle in the complaining puddle of other disgruntle individuals. I encourage you to see change as an opportunity to start anew. I believe we all can agree that change sometimes work in our favor and other times it doesn't. Either way it goes, don't allow yourself to be so shaken to your core that you refuse to go on with your life. By all means, if it is a drastic change, a traumatic loss, or even a responsible gain... learn to roll with the changes. If you are centered at your core and in your spirit, change is just another aspect of enjoying the life and time that you have. The attitude you use to embrace the change is what makes a world of difference.

Dear Students,

The goal of education and life lessons is to EVOLVE. If you are the same person in middle school, high school, college, and professionally there is a major red flag. Different experiences should change you whether they are good, bad, or indifferent. Choose to grow and manifest into a better representation of yourself everyday. Is everyone going to like it? No. Are you going to lose friendships and loyalty along the way? Yes. Will you survive even though in that present moment it doesn't look too promising? YES. Your journey is about how you come to realize yourself interpersonally and intrapersonally (google the difference between the two). I challenge you to not be shaken by the nay sayers that constantly remind you "well you've changed" - GREAT! that's the point... Change for the better, change for your overall physical, mental, and emotional health. I personally believe with Christ at my center everything in this life could change and I would somehow press on. Give yourself permission to be better than you were yesterday. Your future self is already thanking you. Most importantly, keep going, keep learning, and keep growing.

-Dean Felder

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