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More Life

"I got my 23's laced. Its a marathon not a sprint, but I still gotta win the race." - Sacrifices by Drake

On March 18 Drake released a new album entitled "More Life" which exemplifies and embodies everything an artist should seek to accomplish. My students know me to be a Drake fan simply because he is an artist who writes to be innovative, challenges the status quo, and encourages creativity. These are examples of what I like students to gain in their lives and experiences as well. More specifically, I was drawn to the lyrics regarding life being a marathon, not a sprint. So often, we see life as an instant gratification paradigm and it is much more than that. Life is about the journey more so than the destination. Life is about enjoying the moment instead of rushing for it to end. Life is about the experiences gained and lessons learned. An entitled album "More Life" couldn't be more befitting.

We live in a society where students are prone to mental illness, suicidal thoughts, and self destruction. I see "More Life" as an engine of encouragement. More opportunities to have experiences both good and bad. More relationships formed and held in high regard. More service to those who need it most. I commend Drake for this album simply because it is a breath of fresh air in music. Samplings from the Caribbean Islands, UK artist features, and classic Drake ballads make this album one to remember. Of course he has to have a few "bangers" for the young at heart. More than anything I want t encourage students to find their lane... find their passion and go forth with pride. Drake may not be your role model, but the craft, his talent, and creativity can never be overlooked.

Dear Students,

Take your time. I'm not sure about the world but particularly in America there is always this underlying since of urgency. This feeling of rushing to make decision, that life is short, and you must act fast. While we can never determine our life span, we can craft our own journey while here. This thing called life is indeed a marathon, and you must pace yourself if you plan on having any sort of fulfillment. If you experience a loss, take time to grieve. If you experience an accomplishment, take time to celebrate. If you feel overwhelmed, take some time to breath and gain perspective. If you feel lost, take some time out to find your way. Don't be so focused on the notion of going that all you learn to do is go. Savor every moment to have memories filled with love and laughter. Yes you should study, attend classes, do well, and all that Jazz. However, make time for life in the midst of it all. I currently tell my college students to really go on spring break. Leave campus, spend time with loved ones, take trips, fly kites, ANYTHING. You must enjoy life as it comes. Most importantly, keep going, keep learning, and keep growing.

-Dean Felder

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