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Reading is STILL Fundamental

140 Characters. This wave of social media has completely transformed one's ability regarding patience, scrutiny, and most importantly reading. Most times, people opt out of reading and would rather ask for the "short version" of things. "Get to the point" is often what people think when reading or trying to understand someone or something. We have lost sight of the true value of reading. How can your vernacular and vocabulary extend beyond your basic conversation if you aren't willing to read? How can you think more critically or intellectually if you are not willing to read? Sometimes it can be reading instructions, reading directions, reading labels anything really. Reading is frowned upon in 2017 and we must do what we can to change that.

The student who seeks to obtain some level of education is encouraged to read and can't pass a class without doing so. Before there was google, yahoo or any other search engines individuals were forced to read to gain further insight. Even now, when you google about something it gives you the short version and adds links if you desire to read more. We have to get back to a culture of looking beneath the surface. This is where students thrive and separate themselves from the rest at a young age. Building reading tolerance is a basic fundamental for students of any age. Twitter allows 140 characters. Instagram allows paragraphs and so does Facebook. If we must use social media lets implore positive attributes about reading. As an educator, I adored the acronym "D.E.A.R time" (Drop Everything And Read). I wish adults would do the same. Reading doesn't end after education. It is up to you as an adult to discipline yourself. Reading is STILL Fundamental.

Dear Students,

Think back to the last book, article, magazine, blog, or post that inspired you. Even a body of reading that seemed questionable to you is permissible. What did you learn from that reading? How can you further your reading interest in high school, college, and beyond? The goal is to expand your mental capacity. Expand your knowledge intake. Also expand your tolerance in one sitting of a reading passage. Every state and national exam requires reading. Every college course requires reading. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to learn all you can while you can. In some countries little girls don't have the option to read even if they really wanted to. Use your knowledge as your weapon. It is the one thing that can never be taken from you. With every piece of new knowledge gained; keep going, keep learning and keep growing.

-Dean Felder

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