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Monuments of Nothingness

Own it. Something that is very simple but seems to be passed around like germs. Ownership. Responsibility. Accountability. These terminologies are closely associated with either taking the blame or not, achieving the accomplishment or not, and one that's close to home for everyone "Keeping your word" or not. Again, something quite simple but ultimately complicated by our inability to take responsibility for our actions or lack thereof. Instead of this noble deed, instead of this forthcoming characteristic, we live in a world that looks forward to the excuse. Cutting to the chase really doesn't cut it anymore. People want answers... explanations... timelines... things that you may be unable to provide.

When it comes to excuses, everyone has them and are very frivolous in how they use them. From the comical "my dog ate my homework" to a more duly noted excuse "I've been really busy"... Excuses come in all shapes and sizes, but most importantly they all mean the exact same thing... Nothing. In my personal opinion conjuring up a reason as to why something did or did not happen is better left unsaid. I still believe in being direct. Being direct offers up radical honesty, something that everyone can use. If you did it... why say you didn't? If you don't have it... why say you do? Ultimately excuses bridge the gap for us and are used to play off of our counterparts sympathetic card. Don't make excuses for your life, take ownership of it.

Dear Students,

Often times you will be disappointed by someones inability to follow through. Other times it will be your inability to follow through that your counterparts are disappointed in. At any rate, this is not a reason to search for any answers other than the truth. Tell the truth and be done with it. That way, you don't have to remember what you said and who you said it to. Sometimes feelings may be hurt by your truth and that's ok. There's even the scenario where your truth is too good to be true. Tell it anyway. Don't hide behind excuses, or embellishments to please those around you. Stay true to yourself and own your mistakes. The minute you own what you've done it can no longer be used as fuel against you. Before you answer with an excuse... be strong enough to tell your truth. Most importantly keep going, keep learning, and keep growing.

-Dean Felder

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