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Rose Colored Glasses

"Rose colored glasses" are probably the most expensive pair of shades that everyone at some point in their life will own. These glasses allow you to look past flaws, red flags, and all things negative to see straight into your distorted reality of who a person really is. These glasses are expensive simply because it will cost you things more valuable than money. The valuables that I am referring to are time, energy, and emotional health. When first becoming a part of any situation or befriending someone we sense good vibes maybe, share a few laughs, and have several commonalities. At that point we have decided that this is a person or even situation that we want in our lives, thinking "this is good for me". This decision happens without allowing the infatuation phase to pass.

Then it happens. You begin to notice the little things that don't quite sit well with your morals and values internally, but with those glasses you are able to see passed it and find some sort of excuse for why those behaviors may have been displayed. You figure there has to be some mistake because I always hang with this group, or I always spend time with this person. Slowly but surely the befriended become the questionable. You question their loyalty, their stability, and even their sanity. All in all you know that something isn't right and now its time to do something about it. Take the glasses off and remove yourself from the situation.

Dear Students,

As you matriculate from elementary, to middle school, to high school and in to post secondary education here are few things to consider: 1) Everyone from elementary won't go to middle school with you. Everyone from middle school won't go to high school. High school will be the last time you see that group of friends together in one setting for the rest of your life really. College happens and you begin a new season of friendships and experiences. 2) Everything doesn't last forever and if it doesn't last it is probably for the best. Anything that was meant to last will indeed last. 3) Look forward to and celebrate the new beginnings in your life instead of focusing on the losses. Most importantly and above all else... keep going, keep learning, and keep growing.

-Dean Felder

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